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We are Shaded Scythe Studios, a group of entertainers who are here to give you some quality “entertainment” like we’ve been doing for the last 10 years. We have reaction videos, music covers, celebrity interviews, and much more.

Latest Videos

POWER SINGLES (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 146

Episode 146:

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 06/26/2022

Park Geeks: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Park Geeks: Six Flags discovery Island

On our Second Stop of Curt's Home Parks. He takes Justin to Six Flags: Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo CA. See how they theme their rides around the...

Producer: The Concert Cruizer

Date: 06/20/2022

KEN (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 145

Episode 145:
He is FRIGHTENING and too accurate.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 06/19/2022

Park Geeks: New Rides At Universal Orlando

Park Geeks: New Rides at Universal Orlando

With the Pandemic over. Curt from Park Geeks visits the rest of the guys at Universal Studios Orlando and checks out the rides he's missed out on.

Producer: The Concert Cruizer

Date: 06/14/2022

VIDO GAME NEWS (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 144

Episode 144:
That wasn't a typo in the title. Evan Just can't spell or say words.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 06/05/2022

Park Geeks: California's Great America

Park Geeks: California's Great America

The Park Geeks show you around one of Curt's home parks, California's Great America. And show what makes these regional parks good and worth visiting.

Producer: The Concert Cruizer

Date: 05/31/2022

STAR WARS CELEBRATION 2022 (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 143

Episode 143:
While the force is in fact NOT strong with these nerds they still have good charisma.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 05/29/2022

Guardians of the galaxy cosmic rewind First Impressions

Guardians of the Galaxy

Join me as I take you to an adventure on Epcots Newest attraction with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Feeling with a 36C roller coaster adventure...

Producer: Ventureorder

Date: 04/28/2022

HOW DARE YOU (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 142

Episode 142:

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 05/15/2022

COMMERCIALS 2022 (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 141

Episode 141:
Cruizer can't believe he ate the whole thing.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 05/08/2022

CINEMACON 2022 (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 140

Episode 140:
So Evan got stuck in the dessert to attend CinemaCon 2022. Bad news, he got stranded in there on his way back.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 05/01/2022

ALCATRAZ (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 139

Episode 139:
They didn't have the gallbladder to take Cruizer.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 04/24/2022

LEGGUMS AND DINGGLE (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 138

Episode 138:
Well one is envious and the other nobody cares about.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 04/17/2022

Hoof Rock: The Friendship Games Soundtrack

Hoof Rock 302

Cruizer continues his look at the EQG soundtracks with The Friendship Games. Where he makes a shocking discovery.

Producer: The Concert Cruizer

Date: 04/13/2022


Episode 137

Episode 137:
...Go Gundam Go.
Tonight we got canadian voice actor, Matt Hill on the show tonight. You may know Matt...

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 04/10/2022

Park Geeks: Ice Breaker, First Impressions

Park Geeks: Ice Breaker First Impresssions

In this trip to SeaWorld. Just and Curt from Park Geeks stop by the newly opened Ice Breaker rollercoaster and give their first impressions on this...

Producer: The Concert Cruizer

Date: 04/08/2022

BACK TO BUSINESS (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 31

Episode 31: Yup it's yellow again.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 11/03/2019

We Came As Pixels Ep 1

We Came As Pixels Ep 1

A video game, pop and nerd culture based news podcast with opinions brought to you by 3 guys on the internet with nothing else to do.

Producer: SilentSpartanX

Date: 11/01/2019

Bright Idea Sing's: Sing a Song (for Heartsy Artsy)

Bright Idea sing's Sing A Song

Please help spread the word for Heartsy's family GoFundMe page and/or give what you can.

Producer: Bright Idea

Date: 11/01/2019

13 Balloon Cosplay (Colossalcon East 2019)

Jabba Balloon Cosplay.

I went to Colossalcon East and made a balloon cosplay of 13 from My hero Academia. Been wanting to do a cosplay of a character from this anime for...

Producer: No Ordinary Balloon Man

Date: 11/22/2019

Tarrasque Balloon Sculpture (Mobicon 2019)

Jabba Balloon Cosplay.

Here I am at Mobicon in Mobile, Alabama. This time I wanted to do someting different. So I made a DnD monster called Tarrasque.

Producer: No Ordinary Balloon Man

Date: 10/17/2019

Hoof Rock: A Better Way To Be Bad (Ft. Dr. Wolf)

Hoof Rock: A Better Way To Be Bad

What makes a villain song like this stand out from Our Town? And could this be one of the best villain songs in MLP: FiM? Find out as Dr Wolf stops by...

Producer: The Concert Cruizer

Date: 09/16/2019