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We are Shaded Scythe Studios, a group of entertainers who are here to give you some quality “entertainment” like we’ve been doing for the last 15 years. We have reaction videos, music covers, celebrity interviews, and much more.

Latest Videos

MERMAIDS (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 184

Episode 184:
I guess they are little...Ariel isn't THAT little, why do they call her the Little Mermaid.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 06/04/2023

COMMERCIALS 2023(Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 183

Episode 183:

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 05/28/2023

KUMA'S SABER (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 182

Episode 182:
The force has barely any strength with this chill dude.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 05/21/2023

15 YEARS Featuring the Original SSS crew (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 181

Episode 181:
It's good to be back. We got a special episode of ANTS this week, where the ORIGINAL cast and Crew of Shaded...

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 05/14/2023

15 Years

15 Years

It's been 15 years since we started Shaded Scythe Studios. We had a reunion stream with this opening reflecting on each period of SSS content from...

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 05/15/2023

Whirl's Incarnation Trailer

Whirls Incarnation Trailer

The time has come. It's still half way done but I am finally doing it. I want to thank you for your patience.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 05/11/2023

GETTING VOCALOID (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 180

Episode 180:
So are Vocaloids like robots or something? Tonight we have vocaloid musician AkiGlancy joining us as a guest host.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 05/07/2023

Grogu Balloon Cosplay (TUPELO CON 2023)

GROGU Balloon Cosplay

Welcome back to Tupelo, Mississippi for TupeloCon 2023. This time I decided to make another Star Wars character. It's that little force...

Producer: No Ordinary Balloon Man

Date: 05/08/2023

CINEMACON 2023 (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 179

Episode 179:
Evan Got stuck in the desert again annnnnnd...No we aren't doing that gag again. This week we cover all the...

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 04/30/2023

ENTER THE FACTS (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 178

Episode 178:
We have a new segment this week and it will give you the facts...That are hopefully facts...Are they facts?...

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 04/23/2023

STAR WARS CELEBRATION 2023 (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 177

Episode 177:
Featuring Darth Pants.
This week we cover all the announcements from this years Star Wars Celebration in 2023.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 04/16/2023

CATCHING BACK UP (LITERALLY) (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 176

Episode 176:
Welp we are back from MegaCon and the Theaters. So lets kick some ANTS.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 04/09/2023


Episode 175

Episode 175:
Yup it's all LITERALLY Behind the scenes...Happy April Fools Day.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 03/26/2023

Captain Kirk and Gorn Balloon Sculpture (SYFY BARTOW 2023)

Captain Kirk and Gorn Balloon Sculptures

William and I were at SyFy Barrow on its 10th anniversary. I always love attending this event. it's one of my favorites. So in honor of its Star...

Producer: No Ordinary Balloon Man

Date: 03/21/2023

LOGO'S(Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 174

Episode 174:
Look we were strapped for Filler

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 03/12/2023

ACA 2023(Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 173

Episode 173:
God we HATE this tradition.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 03/05/2023

BACK TO BUSINESS (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 31

Episode 31: Yup it's yellow again.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 11/03/2019

We Came As Pixels Ep 1

We Came As Pixels Ep 1

A video game, pop and nerd culture based news podcast with opinions brought to you by 3 guys on the internet with nothing else to do.

Producer: SilentSpartanX

Date: 11/01/2019

Bright Idea Sing's: Sing a Song (for Heartsy Artsy)

Bright Idea sing's Sing A Song

Please help spread the word for Heartsy's family GoFundMe page and/or give what you can.

Producer: Bright Idea

Date: 11/01/2019

13 Balloon Cosplay (Colossalcon East 2019)

Jabba Balloon Cosplay.

I went to Colossalcon East and made a balloon cosplay of 13 from My hero Academia. Been wanting to do a cosplay of a character from this anime for...

Producer: No Ordinary Balloon Man

Date: 11/22/2019

Tarrasque Balloon Sculpture (Mobicon 2019)

Jabba Balloon Cosplay.

Here I am at Mobicon in Mobile, Alabama. This time I wanted to do someting different. So I made a DnD monster called Tarrasque.

Producer: No Ordinary Balloon Man

Date: 10/17/2019

Hoof Rock: A Better Way To Be Bad (Ft. Dr. Wolf)

Hoof Rock: A Better Way To Be Bad

What makes a villain song like this stand out from Our Town? And could this be one of the best villain songs in MLP: FiM? Find out as Dr Wolf stops by...

Producer: The Concert Cruizer

Date: 09/16/2019