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Hoof Rock: Good Vibes (Ft. The Traveling Arrow)

The Traveling Arrow stops by the studios once again to join The Concert Cruizer to talk about what REALLY happens when you try to spread Good Vibes.

Producer: The Concert Cruizer

Date: 02/23/2021

Through the Eyes of an OG LP Underground Soldier (Part 2)

Linkin Park Memories

In Part 2. I go over the Final Linkin Park album with their late frontman Chester Bennington. I discuss the backlash, the bands response...

Producer: The Concert Cruizer

Date: 02/14/2021

KISS MY ANTS (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 87

Episode 87:
It's Valentines day and Bright Idea came up with the title.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 02/14/2021

Bright Idea Sings: Love Is A Bright Idea (ft. UniRob)

Bright Idea: Love is a Bright Idea

Bright Idea sings a special song called Bright Idea by the band Mother Mother.

Producer: Bright Idea

Date: 02/14/2021

WELCOME BACK (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 86

Episode 86:
It's the new and improved A.N.T.S.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 02/07/2021

Through the Eyes of an OG LP Underground Soldier (Part 1)

Linkin Park Memories

Linkin Park and their fan club, The LP Underground. Has been through a lot and has had plenty of ups and downs. And now an old school member of the LPU...

Producer: The Concert Cruizer

Date: 01/29/2021

IT'S FINALLY OVER (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 85

Episode 85:
We are finally done with this friggen year!

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 12/27/2020

Missing Viewer Comments

Missing Viewer Comments

When Cruizer was on Silver Quill's Fulfillment Friday. He missed out to a lot of viewers comments and questions. And this video is for everyone...

Producer: The Concert Cruizer

Date: 12/22/2020

AMONG US (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 84

Episode 84:
Merry Christmas Everyone. Watch us kill each other with friends.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 12/20/2020

SHALOM (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 83

Episode 82:
And a Happy Hanukkah!

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 12/13/2020

SEASONS GREETINGS (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 82

Episode 82:

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 12/06/2020

PROWSE (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 81

Episode 81:
May you never be forgotten Lord Vader.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 11/29/2020

Bright Idea thoughts on Animaniacs 2020 ~ Episode 1

Bright Idea Thoughts on Animaniacs episode 1

Watch Bright squee and fangirl over the first episode of the Animaniacs reboot! (This video was edited from its original length due to...

Producer: Bright Idea

Date: 11/27/2020

THE THANKENING (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 80

Episode 80:
Rubba dub dub, Thanks for the grub.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 11/22/2020

NOW WITH FRIES (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 79

Episode 79:
However we have no ketchup. Today we got Carey Mean's of Aqua Teen Hunger force joining us tonight.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 11/15/2020

Bright Idea Analyzes Animaniacs 2020 Huluween Spot

Bright Idea Analyzes Animaniacs 2020 Huluween Spot

In this belated Halloween video, Bright dives deep into the Animaniacs Huluween spot, talking about vampires, the Marx brothers, and Greek...

Producer: Bright Idea

Date: 11/11/2020

LOTS TO SAY (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 78

Episode 78: Death, Elections, and a whole lot of other things you probably don't care about.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 11/08/2020

SHABBA-SHEBA (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 77

Episode 77: I don't know what it means either.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 11/01/2020

13 Balloon Cosplay (Colossalcon East 2019)

13 Balloon Cosplay

I went to Colossalcon East and made a balloon cosplay of 13 from My hero Academia. Been wanting to do a cosplay of a character from this anime for...

Producer: No Ordinary Balloon Man

Date: 11/22/2019

Bright Idea Sings: Sing a Song (for Heartsy Artsy)

Bright Idea Sings: Sing A song

Please help spread the word for Heartsy's family GoFundMe page and/or give what you can.

Producer: Bright Idea

Date: 11/01/2019