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HAVE A COOKIE(Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 124

Episode 124:
...I said have a Cookie.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 11/28/2021

Fan Favorites: Saberspark

Fan Favorites:saberspark

In this episode of Fan Favorites, Cruizer talks to the Man of Cartoons, SaberSpark. And discuss how he gets past YouTube censors..."

Producer: The Concert Cruizer

Date: 11/19/2021

A DISNEY EPISODE (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 123

Episode 123:
The mouse is here to give us some fun.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 11/14/2021

Fan Favorites: Dustykatt

Fan Favorites: dustykatt

n this episode of Fan Favorites. Cruizer talks to the Manliest Brony in the world, Dusty Katt. And we go over his start in the world of Fandoms. How he..."

Producer: The Concert Cruizer

Date: 11/13/2021

PARADE (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 122

Episode 122:
It's just not November without one.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 11/07/2021

Top 5 Underrated Album w/ Inspiring How UC That feat. Ozzy, Linkin Park, Korn, Limp Bizkit, and PM5K

cs-Sunni Westbrook

I'm exciting to bring you guys my Collaboration with Inspiring How UC That. This is my Top 5 Underrated. Here's to working with these guys...

Producer: The Concert Cruizer

Date: 11/07/2021

HALLOWEEN (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 121

Episode 121:
Yup it's that time of year again, except this time we have a stream on it. In honor of this Holiday we will be watching...

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 10/31/2021

METROIDS (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 119

Episode 120:
They will eat you.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 10/24/2021

BIG WEEK (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 119

Episode 119:
Seriously we had so much happened this week.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 10/17/2021

CAR KEYBLADE (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 118

Episode 118:

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 10/10/2021

THE HORROR (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 117

Episode 117:

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 10/03/2021

Constars: Sunni Westbrook

cs-Sunni Westbrook

In the triumphant return of ConStars. Cruizer talks to voice actress Sunni Westbrook (Cozy Glow) and how she lucked out on this roll, working a full...

Producer: The Concert Cruizer

Date: 09/30/2021

Unboxing: Ice Nine Kills Prize

Unboxing Ice Nine Kills Prize

In this Unboxing video. Cruizer opens up a prize he won from Ice Nine Kills earlier this year. Is it a Shirt? A Knife? A Head? Watch the video and find out.

Producer: The Concert Cruizer

Date: 09/28/2021

Hoof Rock: Art of the Dress (Ft. Bright Idea) an MLP Song Review

Hoof Rock 212

The Princess of Puns, Bright Idea joins Cruizer as they analyze a song about Inspiration and how it brings out creativity.

Producer: The Concert Cruizer

Date: 09/27/2021

WORLD OF SEA (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 116

Episode 116:
The sea can not only be a place of blessing but a place of terror.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 09/26/2021

NOW YOU SEE ME (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 115

Episode 115:
Now you can slightly not see me.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 09/19/2021

HEADACHE (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 114

Episode 114:
You get them and they get you back.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 09/12/2021

CAT LOVE'S STREAM (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 113

Episode 113:

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 09/05/2021

SPIDER-MAN (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 112

Episode 112:
I'm pretty sure that explains this entire week as a whole.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 08/29/2021


Tupelo Con 2021

I'm back in Tupelo Mississippi for tupelo con 2021. This year I made Mecha Godzilla from Kong vs Godzilla and Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy...

Producer: No Ordinary Balloon Man

Date: 09/27/2021

BIG BALLOON BIRTHDAY (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 111

Episode 111:
For a boy named Bruce. Featuring a special appearance by Sam Vincent.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 08/22/2021

SUMMER CAMP Featuring Ari Lehman (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 110

Episode 110:
Do not swim in the lake. Tongiht we have actor and musician Ari Lehman, the original Jason Voorhees and...

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 08/08/2021

LIBRARY CARD (Another Nerdy Talk Show)

Episode 109

Episode 109:
Proving that having fun is never hard since 1998.

Producer: Mibevan

Date: 08/01/2021

13 Balloon Cosplay (Colossalcon East 2019)

13 Balloon Cosplay

I went to Colossalcon East and made a balloon cosplay of 13 from My hero Academia. Been wanting to do a cosplay of a character from this anime for...

Producer: No Ordinary Balloon Man

Date: 11/22/2019

Bright Idea Sings: Sing a Song (for Heartsy Artsy)

Bright Idea Sings: Sing A song

Please help spread the word for Heartsy's family GoFundMe page and/or give what you can.

Producer: Bright Idea

Date: 11/01/2019